Hi, I’m Nancy.

My journey with sewing for myself started at the end of 2018, when i discovered the amazing Indie pattern world. While i have sewn a little in the past (i very poorly made a robin costume on my mothers sewing machine, when i was in grade 12 to wear to a costume party, eye mask and all) i had never actually sat down, read a pattern all the way through and created something that i could happily wear.

So, at the start of 2019 i decided that i wasn’t going to buy any new retail clothes for a whole year. A WHOLE YEAR! i started an Instagram account so i could keep track of, and announce to the world all my fantastic creations. However little did i know that there was a whole online world of amazing people who are also doing the same thing. I think its soooo great!

So that brings us to the now. This is my handmade journey. A place where i can show you all my creations, both for myself and for others! I hope you follow along and get as much joy out of my creations as i do.

My mother does say to me sometimes sewing can be a curse – you know those times you think, “hey i could sew that”, and you know, she is right. However I do love to juggle at least 3 projects at once (probably something i also learnt from my mum – Thanks Jilly!!)