Make nine 2020

Last year was the first year I actually decided sewing was going to be a big hobby in my life. I got on the bandwagon and planned out a make nine, which turned out to be very ambitious (three pairs of fitted pants? Who was I kidding). I think I made a grand total of three of my nine “wishlist” items. So this year i have set out some more realistic plans with far less challenging items in suit.

Hopefully this year I can achieve more then last year. One can only hope.

So here they are !

#1 Swimmers

In particular the Megan Nielsen Cottesloe pattern. But I would also love to make myself a rashie eventually, as I am moving closer to a beach in May! I struggle to find a two piece that fits both my top and my bottom, as I have much larger hips then waist or bust. But I also love the one piece. Oh and did I mention I adore the Ellie Whittaker swim fabrics!

#2 A Quilted Vest

Vests are my absolute favorite thing to wear. If you have ever met me you would know just how real my obsession with a vests is. Last year I bought a retail vest telling myself if you can’t make it you can buy it…so naturally this year I thought, why not try and make it!

#3 Dawn Jeans

Jeans, do I need to say anymore? The Dawn Jeans where on my make list last year, but I was way to overwhelmed to make any kind of fitted pants, so maybe I will actually get around to them this year.

#4 Shorts for Deniz

My almost husband has been nagging me for months to make him some shorts to replace the three pairs he wore the crotch out of. I’m thinking the Cargo pants from Wardrobe by me will be a good starting point.

#5 Wedding Dreas

Arguably the most important make of 2020. I will not be making this alone!

#6 Desmond Backpack

I made a Desmond backpack for my brother for Christmas, and let me tell you, I fricken loved it. It’s so roomy and would be the perfect backpack to take traveling!

#7 Shoes!

I have the absolute fantasy of having a completely me made outfit..I’m talking from head to toe! So I would love to try and get to one of the Shoe Camaraderie workshops this year.

#8 A jacket made form a vintage wool blanket

If any of my make nine is likely to be not completed, this jacket will be it. But the sheer dream of finding a thrifted blanket to turn into a jacket excites me.. I’ll keep you posted on this one.

#9 Bras

I hate buying bras! The awkwardness of standing there topless while some complete stranger fits you for a bra they think works well, or god forbid if you think you can pick the right one yourself only to have a draw of regret. Yeah, I want to get rid of that feeling. I want to be able to put a bra on fresh from the machine and be over joyed with something that I completely made myself. I guess I could probably add underpants to this list too..or leave it for another list of wishlist makes.

Well there you have it! Nine carefully thought out projects to keep me challenged throughout 2020.

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