Alice dress

I don’t even know where to get started with telling you about the Alice dress. I absolutely love it!

Sometime in 2018, before I started my retail fashion fast I bought two dresses from Gorman, which are both still my absolute go to dresses when I’m at home. Fast forward a year and I was desperate to find a pattern that matched the simplicity of the Gorman style.

The exact Gorman dress I love
The exact Gorman dress I love

I’m not even entirely sure how I came across the Alice dress to start with- let’s put it down to countless hours of scrolling the web through indie pattern designers (cue multiple other patterns!). But once I found it I knew that it would be yet another go to pattern that would be perfect whipped up in an array of gorgeous linen’s.

Which bring me to this beautiful linen. It is from non other then Doop design. An Australian clothing and fabric brand. This linen falls beautifully, hold up well and was a pleasure to sew with.

So in the end I made a size small with no other mods. There will be plenty more of these dresses to come!

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