A place my cutlery can call home

For those of you who don’t know me, I love a good Eco solution to anything. Got a keep cup, you know I do. Carry a container for scraps at a restaurant? You bet ya cotton socks I’ll be asking you for your scraps! Always, I mean always have a hanky on hand, hello inner old lady. But dare I say it out loud, that I am always caught without cutlery (sorry fold-able spork, but you just don’t cut the mustard!)

So when I saw Jess, from broad in the seams list of echo friendly sewing solutions I screamed with joy, literally. This may just be the handiest thing I have sewn yet! I can already see this pack coming with me everywhere! The only modification I made was to lengthen the fold by 5cm so that my cutlery where a little deeper in the pack. Its perfect!

For added security I bought a knife with a cover, you know so it doesn’t poke a hole through my pack..or stab me while I’m looking for something in my handbag!

The original pattern by the Rouge Ginger can be found here.

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